One Plug Derby Registration
 August 18, 2011
Team Member 1                                                                                  Team Member 2
 Print Name_____________________________________ Print Name________________________________

Address_______________________________________   Address___________________________________

City ________________________State___ Zip________   City _____________________State___ Zip_______
Phone _________________Cell____________________   Phone __________________Cell_______________

E-mail_________________________________________  E-mail  ____________________________________

Team Member 3                                                                                  Team Member 4

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City _________________________State___ Zip_______ City ____________________State___ Zip________

Phone________________ Cell___________________     Phone __________________Cell________________

E-mail________________________________________ E-mail _____________________________________


Synopsis of Rules
 Complete Rules upon Request
Entry fee $50.00 per person. 
After   8/13/2012, Entry fee is $60.00.
1. Maximum four (4) persons per team.    
Entries remain open until 11:30 am day of Derby.
Tournament waters closed at 12:00AM on 08/17/2011.
Daily limit of 6 fish in possession, only 2 may be over 24”.(at any time)
Use of aerated live well required.  NO EXCEPTIONS
An 8oz penalty for each dead or poorly handled fish.
Fishing area boundaries are between John Day Dam and McNairy Dam.
8. Boat inspections prior to launch. 
                                              9. Officials reserve the right to do random inspections during Derby!!
No alcohol allowed during Derby hours.
11.  Decisions of Derby Director and Weigh-master are final.

Boat Brand,                             Length,             Color                                    Motor Brand HP
____________________________      _________________      _______________                                ________________________   

Boat Cell Phone for emergency use._________________________________________________________  

Additional plugs must be purchased and card punched at Registration.  

Entry fee member 1_______________________________Entry fee member 2_________________________ 
Entry fee member 3_______________________________Entry fee member 4__________________________
Total fees enclosed with Entry______________
Mail : to ICOC PO BOX 678 Irrigon, Oregon 97844
Information Phone 541-561-8137  Check us out on the Web










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